Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh, the people you meet!

The conversations you have when a child is diagnosed on the spectrum are completely different than other peoples conversations. Apparently I have no idea what Autism is, or what treatments are available for it. I have had at least 3 conversations over the past week with people who are telling me about how their nieces, friends, second cousins, half brothers, half sister told them about this great new study that shows something works great for autistic children, and I should try it.

Yes, I know about medical supplementation, hyperbaric treatment, chelation,vaccines cause/don't cause/may cause, ABA, OT, ST, PT, ABCDEFG! If I were an unconcerned parent I could maybe understand, but I can only listen to so many people tell me that I should have my son on treatments x y and z before I tell everyone to jump off a bridge.

So, just so that I can debunk myths, and place my thoughts out there for everyone to see, here it goes.

CAUSE: Genetic or environmental? Yes. Not yes genetic, not yes environmental, not yes to both, just yes. As of right now no one knows the exact cause, so until there is a definitive cause yes.

VACCINES: I think vaccines are safe. For those who don't like it... tough luck. I vaccinate my kid so you don't have to!

DIET: Gluten free has helped Aiden. We have seen a huge drop in his behavior issues. Does it work for everyone? NO! If you choose not to have your child on a GFCFSF diet does that make you a bad person? NO! It means you made the decision not to follow that plan on your own!

CHELATION: Not gonna do it! Does it help? Some people say yes, some say no. I personnally don't want to pump my child full of yet another chemical to withdraw another chemical. It just doesn't make sense to me.

That is enough rambling for one post though. A new one is already in the works. Bye for now!

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