Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The things we do...

So we got our lovely taxes in this week. You know how many people blow them on a new vehicle or take a long vacation or pay off bills, or do something similar to all of those? Us, no we're not doing any of those. At first when we were getting our taxes filed we were going to pay off a bunch of bills so that we could get a mortgage and buy our own house and get out of this tiny 1000 sqft apartment that is way too small for myself, my husband, two very energetic autistic toddlers, an italian greyhound, a sphynx, and soon to be a devon rex. But nope, Aiden is having a lot of sensory problems (he's diagnosed with SPD, also), so what are we doing you might ask? We are getting rid of everything in our living room, the rockers, the TV stand, the cubicles, ect and we are making an all in one sensory therapy room. We are putting in hooks for therapy swings, we're making a rock wall with crash pad, we are getting a light table, making a sensory busy board, making a ball pit, plus we lofted the boys' beds and are making sensory quiet tents underneath complete with LED net lights, resonance pillows, bean bag chairs, a soft sheepskin rug, and their favorite fidgets, they each will have their own. I am also making a bunch more weighted items for them and we are getting Scott a compression vest, he craves the pressure so much, and a few zvibes for Scott's oral motor and muscle delays. We went to IKEA today to get some new storage items for the new therapy room, let me tell you, it is the greatest place, I absolutely love IKEA, but I always wish I could skip the check out lines, that makes me want to scream every time.
Am I upset/mad/sad about this change, you might ask? Not in the least, I think Eric and I will have more fun putting all this up and playing on it ourselves than moving into a new house. And the new house is still on the table because we did split taxes half and half so we could pay a few bills down, but if we have to put it off for another year, so be it.

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