Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summertime thinking

We have been having our good days and bad days lately.  We had whooping cough a few months ago, and then just two weeks ago we had hand foot and mouth. We have no luck when it comes to immune systems, so if it is going around, we are surely to get it, and sometimes we get it twice. 
We are just now starting to get back on a routine schedule after being on quarantine, and then a pressure system comes into town and plays with Aiden's ears.  He had tubes placed in his ears when he was two, and they stayed in for a little over a year, which is a miracle.  But they fell out about 6 months ago and while he has not had any ear infections (thankfully) any time there is a pressure system or the weather changes suddenly, he gets a lot of pressure in his ears to the point of excruciating pain.  That has been our weekend and beginning of the week so far.  The kicker is that the doc won't do anything because he doesn't have an ear infection so he sees there is nothing to do because his ears do drain.  I say there should be something they can do (such as putting new tubes in) so that the pressure can escape just like the fluid.
Sorry about my rant, I just really do not like the doctors we have.  Considering I have been procrastinating on scheduling Aiden's 6 month neuro check up, both the boys were suppose to see the developmental pediatrician on post (but I just don't like him considering he is the one who said Scott was on the spectrum but he was not going to diagnose because he wanted to test Scott's cognitive ability when he was 5).  Plus I am a couple of months behind on seeing my doctor, but I have a feeling I know what she is going to say to me and I do not really want to hear it.
So on to new things....
We have decided to homeschool the boys for at least this next school year, and we have even decided upon a curriculum.  So now the big thing is getting the boys' IEPs to state that and to figure out their school time schedule and activities. 
In the meantime we are going to be working on potty training, as soon as I get some more laminant (we seem to run out of that all the time), I will be able to post a reward chart and potty schedule for them to see and follow. 
Scott is talking a lot more now, I love to hear his little voice.  He cracks me up with some of the things that he says, even if he is just repeating, it is so much cuter coming from him. 
I am still in the middle of setting up my webpage online to start selling therapy equiptment.  I have my pricing scheme all worked out, I just need to make a few prototypes and take pictures of them.  I say prototypes, not because I haven't made them before, but because I do not have pictures of any of the ones I have previously made, so now I have to make more (which makes me very happy, I love to sew!).  I did have to take a break, because I broke the sewing machine a friend of mine was letting me use (I actually think it decided to go on strike because I had been using it so much lately).  I was blessed with the fact that Eric got a refund from paying for his LPN license last year, that I was able to buy a new one.  I just feel really bad that I broke my friend's.
On the other side of things, my school is going great.  At the moment I am in a neuroscience class and my team chose to do a presentation on autism, I was happy about that because this week the individual assignments for the class are to look at each other's team assignments and evaluate it.  I feel confident about my team's presentation because I was able to bring a lot more knowledge to the class than just what the book stated (using accredited sources, of course).  I just cannot wait to see what others will say about the presentation.
Eric's work is going well, he is stuck on overnights for the next two weeks, but after that he is back on days so we will all be on the same schedule again. The hospital is doing a needle change over, they are changing the types of needles that they are going to be using, and Eric is one of the leaders on that committee, which is good, even if he thinks it's a pain in the butt.  He is also being considered for a few other committees which will help him when he is looking at being promoted, which he goes to the board next month.  He is staying pretty busy, but he will be able to be home a bit more, or at least be awake when he is home a bit more, for the boys' sake.  They were missing him so badly when he was working over nights and then when he was at WLC, because they never saw him; he was either asleep when he was home during the day, or he was not home until the boys were already in bed.  But now they will get to see him more.

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