Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring has finally Sprung

This past month has been filled with sickness here at our house.  Mister Fister's immune system is not the best and as such with the weather getting warm and then cold and then warm and then cold again, it is horrible on his system.  He has been dealing with one viral infection after another, either that or one really extended infection.  But so far this week, he's been as healthy as anyone.

Other happenings this month.  I opened an Etsy shop for weighted blankets and other sensory items, as per the push of some really great friends.  I only have a few items listed, but that will be growing as I take time to take pictures of everything I've made for the boys.  This has been a new experience for me as I never really like to pedal my wares because I make them for the fun of it.  But we will see what the future brings for it I guess.

This week in the Cup of Autism Household:

It is finally 70 degrees here in the Pacific Northwest and it finally feels like winter is behind us.  I love spring time, there is so much that you can do without being cooped up in the house.  I love being outside, the fresh air and sun are my friends.  As for the boys, they love it too!  This past week when they come home from school we go for a bike ride, (well they bike, I run) then they get to play in the back yard until it is time for dinner, bath and bed.  And boy to they pass out.  I have never had both of them sleep so well, it's been a treat.

We've been looking into what our next project for the boys is going to be and have decided on two things.  We are going to make them new lofted beds.  This is partly because they need bed frames that fit their mattresses, and we just feel like making them.  But mostly its because it will give them more play space in their rooms as they've grown.  But first we are going to make them a new playhouse.  Right now they have a playhouse fashioned out of the two cardboard boxes that our couch came in.

We have made plans for a new two room playhouse out of PVC pipe (yes, we like to use PVC whenever we can because it's sturdy and cheap) and fabric walls, complete with doors and windows.  The wall dividing the rooms is going to be made from lycra, so the boys can push on it for resistance, or just so they can see who can push farther into the other's side.  
I cannot wait to get started on these projects, I can see how much fun they are going to be.  Now just to save up for them...  

Other thoughts we have been having involve what we are going to do over the summer with the boys.  We plan to get membership passes to the zoo and spend most of our time there or at the beach.  That will be both educational and sensory input for the boys (and myself, I love the beach!).  But we want to work on academics as well and still have school.  

Since we plan on possibly homeschooling Mister Taterbutt next year (it all depends on what happens at his end of year IEP meeting), we have been looking into what curriculum we will be using.  We plan to slowly introduce both Mister Taterbutt and Mister Fister to it over the summer.  This is where their loft beds will come in handy, we plan on building a desk into the underneath side for their school time.  

A Parting Warning

We have also learned to keep track of the moon's phases over the past few months.  It seems every time our boys act out of sorts for extended periods of time, it is either right before, right after, or during a full moon.  So now my home screen on my phone is a widget showing the phase of the moon, that way I can never be taken by surprise again.  Or at least that is the hope, I guess we will see how it works out with tomorrow being a full moon and the first lunar eclipse of the year.  Hope everyone is ready for it and enjoys the warming weather.

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