Monday, March 5, 2012

Results from Scott's evaluation

I just realized I never officially updated everyone on Scott's research study. We completed the study as of last Friday. I have to say it was an experience. We also got the letter we knew was coming two weeks ago. This is the letter that stated from the lead psychologist on the study, Scott Ruhstorfer fits criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder. First thought should have been that's great because now we can get all of the lovely EFMP and ECHO paperwork turned in and get his referrals going. But no, that was not my first thought, I knew this was coming, but I was still a bit upset, I guess I was doing the bad thing and hanging on with a little bit of hope that it was all in my head. After a few minutes of staring at the paper with a blank mind, I called Eric and we got everything set up to see Scott's PCM so she could sign the EFMP paperwork. But that was horrible to do. First we made the appointment but when we got there, they were two hours behind and asked us to leave the paperwork there that the doctor would have it filled out by the afternoon. Okay, no biggy, so we did that and I came back the next afternoon to pick it up, not so fast, they lost the paperwork. I made a big huff about it because we had filled it all out to where the doctor just needed to put her John Hancock on it. So after about an hour of them looking, they found it, on the doctor's desk. Really?! It was right where it was suppose to be sitting? Oh well, so the doctor decided that she needed to refill it all out, because us having done this a couple of times for Aiden, she did not think we had it filled out correctly. So two days later and after she called us asking a million questions that she could have answered herself had she taken the time to look at Scott's medical record which is on the computer right in front of her, she had it signed for us to pick up. We looked over it all, and she ended up signing the copy we gave her in the first place....Grrrr....Doctors. But anyways, so we got that turned in after a week, and we got the papers last Wednesday saying it has been finalized. So we call Aiden's ECHO case manager, because he will evidently be Scott's too, and we faxed all of Scott's stuff to them. So now we are just waiting the three-five days they said it would take for it to be finalized so they can put in the referral for Scott's ABA therapy. I'm excited, we already know who his therapist is going to be and it seems that everything is going to work out perfectly. I'm just anxious to get him started so we can start working on a form of communication for him.

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