Friday, March 23, 2012

Scott's Evaluation Report

Yesterday afternoon was spent in Seattle at the Seattle Children's Autism Clinic getting Scott's full diagnostic evaluation report from the psychologist there.  Nothing too surprising.  He has several good traits, but some concerning traits as well. 
The one thing that the she mentioned to us was that she stressed that Scott get placed in a class specific to autistic children and their needs.  We are trying to do our research on finding classes and/or schools like that in the area.  I have to thank Aiden's ABA therapist, she is totally awesome to begin with but she is helping us with this search.  We might be able to get him to go to a neighboring school district because she works there as their autism specialist (that would be awesome!).  I just hope that they will take him since we live out of district and cannot break our lease for a year and a half.  If not then we are doing our research on private schools, but there are not many close by and they are expensive. 
Another thing that the psychologist mentioned was looking into an autism service dog for him because he wanders, has no sense of danger, and has some behaviors the dog could help disrupt (his lining up of toys).  So I am and I have found a few agencies, some that even help with fundraising, but we have not decided on that just yet. 
So we have a few things that we need to look into and decide upon, and decide soon. 
On to happier news, everything has went through with ECHO and Scott should hopefully start ABA therapy within the next few weeks once we get the intake scheduled and what not.  I cannot wait, I am too excited about seeing how well he takes to it.  He already has a connection with his soon to be therapist, he interacts with her when he runs the opposite way of everyone else who enters into our house. I believe he is going to do great with everything.

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