Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Time Fun

So again I need to apologize for waiting too long to update everyone.

Honestly not much has changed in our little world these past few months.  Just a bunch of regular appointments and tests for the boys.  Tonight, I am with Aiden at Seattle Children's for his 24-hour EEG.  So far he has done amazing and the staff here is truly wonderful with him.  So far he has not had an episode :( but hopefully since he is now asleep, they can still get some good information for what they need/want.

Aiden's legs have been causing him pain in the past few weeks.  We really do not know what is going on there, but we plan on talking to his neurologist at his appointment next month about it.  We truly do not know what has happened, he just starts saying they hurt and does not want to walk or do anything where he has to stand in the afternoons on most days.

Both boys are handling summer really well.  We try to keep them as busy as possible, which probably helps.  Scott now knows all the planets in order and how many moons they have, Mercury is his favorite by the way.  Aiden is learning the bones of the body. They are going to be so smart when they start PreK again in the fall.

We are going tomorrow, when we get home from the hospital, to sign Scott up for CYSS and then for fall soccer on base.  This will be great for him, he needs something to help with his extra energy and he has been showing increasing interest in soccer.  This makes this Mama proud, soccer's by far my favorite sport.  I love doing drills with Scott in the back yard, he may be tiny but he is one fast little guy.

In a little under a month my Mom, Dad, and little brother (who is actually much taller than me) are coming to visit us.  I really cannot wait, I have missed all of my family so this will be so nice to see them.  We are taking time off from everything for the week they are here so we can actually spend time with them and so they can actually feel like they are on vacation and not just being pushed around all the boys' appointments and stuff.

Eric has switched to days at the hospital so he is now actually home a little bit more, if that makes any sense.  He works the same hours, of course, but when he has his days off, they can actually be days off with the boys and I, rather than him spending them sleeping still.  It has been really nice because now the boys are able to spend quality time with Dada.

My classes are going by so fast, I have five more and then I get my Bachelor's in February.  I cannot wait!  Then I have to decide if I am going to continue on with my Master's in Psychology online or physically attend college (my preferred way of learning).  I have also been tossing around the idea of doing a dual Master's program with Psychology and Speech Language Pathology, but I have not fully decided yet.  I guess I need to make a decision so I can make all the arrangements, February really is not that far away.

Well until next time, and I promise I will try to update sooner rather than later :)

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