Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Having Some Fun

My parents and younger brother came to visit us this past week.  It was really sad to see them go, the boys and I had so much fun with them here.  We went shopping (a lot), to the zoo, to the beach, and all in all had a good time.  My little brother had his 21st birthday while they were here.  Dad and Eric took him out to properly celebrate it, and they did (with video evidence and all).  I just hope they all have safe travels on the flight back and they had just as much fun as we did.
Here are some pictures (I stole them from my mom's camera) of our trip to the zoo:
We were petting the baby stingrays (which are amazingly slimy).

He loved seeing the birds with Gigi and Popo.

They both had fun playing in the sprinklers and getting soaked.

This is how we role.

Oh before I forget to, I should update everyone on Aiden's neurology appointment.  We saw his neurologist the Wednesday my family flew in.  His EEG came back showing some slowing of normal activity, which is consistent with him being on the spectrum.  There was no seizure activity that they found, so his brain is normal for him being autistic.  That's good news!!! Yay, no more seizure meds!!!! But she looked again at his arms and legs (for over 9 months now he has had no reflexes and has been complaining of his arms and legs hurting).  She determined that he has hypotonia and hyperflexia, in lay man's terms, he has no muscle tone, in fact she said he has the muscle mass of an infant, and he is super flexible, he can bend his thumb all the way down to touch his elbow of the same arm and twist his legs into positions that they should never twist into.  Because of that we have to now go back and see his regular pediatrician and have tests run because she said this could be caused by something in his bones, joints, muscles, or nerves.  So we are kind of back at square one, but we have a good team of doctors and we are very proactive about getting things done, so hopefully we will have answers in no time.  
Now for some pictures from the beach (again, I stole these off of my mom's camera)
Aiden did not want to get in the water for the longest time while we were there.

Scott on the other hand is a little fishy, just like his mama.

He kept running into the water (which was ice cold) and having a blast.

I helped him doggy paddle for a little bit, he's going to be an amazing swimmer.

Aiden had some Gigi time playing in the rocks.

But he did eventually make it out to the water.

Eric did not get to do too much with us as he had to work overnights, even though he asked for some time off.  But it is what it is, they needed him on the ward so thats where he had to be.  
We did get to be silly a lot of the time too.
Getting kisses from my Tater Butt!

And from my Mister Fister!

We could not take serious pictures, it was making Mom mad.

All in all, this was the funnest week we have had in a long time.  It has worn us all out, but in a good way.  Tomorrow we get to go back to non-stop running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  

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  1. We(Mom, Dad, & Patrick) had lots of fun, too.