Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's Been a Bit

I know that it has been a little while since I updated everyone and I apologize for that, so here is the run down of what has happened lately.

1. Scott got started in ABA therapy, he loves his therapist too, she is awesome.  Scott has a little bit of a problem with the structure of it, but he is getting use to it these past two weeks.  I think he will do great.

2. Scott is finally getting to be okay with Aiden's ABA therapist, he almost gave her a hug the other day, but he is giving her high fives, which is a big step.  I think that he will warm up to her soon, I just feel bad because he has not done so yet.

3. Scott also started with his oral function therapy, right now the therapist is just trying to gain his trust.  He has a hard time warming up to people and she does not want to push it right off the bat.

4. Scott is on the wait list for his occupational and speech therapies.  Hopefully we can get him started with those soon.

5. Aiden is having a bit of a hard time with the schedule changes.  His GI issues are acting up due to the stress and anxiety of it all.  I am hoping that he will be able to adjust soon.

6. We found a very loving church that accepts the boys for who they are.  Everyone here is incredibly inviting and loving.  I feel at home here and it is a great feeling.  The boys love their Sunday school there, and it is a good experience for both of them and will help Scott with preparing for preschool in November.

7. Eric is being run ragged at work, but that really is not anything new.  I just wish that they would be able to understand that he works all night so they will stop bothering him when he is trying to sleep during the day.

8. I am now in my second class in my bachelor's program and I am still loving it.  At times I do have trouble focusing on my assignments and that could be a mixture of the million things that are going on around here, or I am getting a bit burnt out, or I am just not that into the philosophical aspect of the history of psychology.  (I've never been that into philosophy)

9. I am in the process of making a weighted blanket for another client of Aiden's ABA therapist.  I am nervous about it, I have never really made something for someone else like this and I want to do a good job because he deserves it to be great.

10. I made a Lycra bed sheet for Scott to help with joint pressure input that he craves. He loves it.  I am planning on making a few more, that way I have spares with various tension in them and a few for Aiden, I think he might like them.

11. I am trying to make a train control station for Scott and a flight control station for Aiden, so if anyone has any ideas or random switches, levers, steering wheels, ect they would like to share, I would greatly appreciate them.

12. We are working on trying to get the boys into the school district that is literally just down the road from us.  Nothing against the school district we are currently in, Aiden's teacher does try to help, but they just do not have the resources to fully help the boys, whereas the school district just a mile down the road does.

This alone has kept me pretty busy, especially with trying to get everything scheduled and moved around, it has been crazy.  I am probably going to have to do some more switching when Scott starts OT and speech and I apologize in advance to the boys' therapist, they are amazing and put up with me and the changing schedules so wonderfully and I hope that they know I do not try to make anything harder on them.  I appreciate everything that they do.