Monday, March 12, 2012

A Good Day in Sensory World

I should be writing a paper that is due today, but I feel like procrastinating and letting everyone know how amazing my boys are one more time.
The boys have been having a great weekend, both of them have been in good moods, which rarely happens at the same time, let alone for three days in a row.
Aiden has been a lot more responsive when asking him questions, and also a lot more attentive to activities all weekend and today.  Scott has been a ton more communicative, he is saying more words, that are actual words, not just a syllable, and he's been bright eyed and hungry for new foods.
So today, Scott was pointing and wanting something up in our manipulatives organizer and I finally figured it out, he wanted the polymers.  This is goop, gems, water beads, and silly squares.  So I mixed him up some of the goopy gems to play with.

They went everywhere, but it was fun.
We took them over to let Aiden play with them...And I apologize for not warning his ABA therapist...Aiden actually loved them, again they went every too.  But he handled it much better than the last time we tried him with them.
Last time Aiden barely touched the goop and freaked out asking for wipes and would not go anywhere near it again. So he did incredibly well.
His ABA therapist and I were talking about how he has a similar reaction to shaving cream every time his OT tries it.  She suggested we try it...Aiden again loved it!! It was amazing.  We deduced that it might be the difference in shaving cream, the one his OT uses comes out as the huge white foaminess that it is, whereas the one Eric uses, as Aiden's ABA therapist stated, "is the good stuff," it comes out as a blue gel that as Aiden plays with it grows to the white foaminess.

Aiden all covered in shaving cream
Scott also got in on the fun.
Pictures courtesy of Aiden's wonderful ABA therapist.
My house still smells like shaving cream, but I can deal with that because at least its clean.
I just love days like these because it lets me know how truly amazing both my boys are, and how we are incredibly lucky to have such great therapists (and friends) working with them on a daily basis.
This has been a good day in the sensory world for both my little guys..

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